Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff Debut Awkward New EDM Song ‘Get Lit’

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Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are making quite the reunion, however this time instead of making rap music, the duo have joined together for a brand new EDM song titled “Get Lit.”

After releasing hit songs such as “Summertime,” “Men In Black,” “Miami,” “Just The Two Of Us,” and “Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It,” Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are back together after 19 long years since their last song together.

Apparently Will Smith told the crowd that the song was a reaction to the “chaos and confusion in the world.” “I wanted to make a song that allowed people to let their light shine. We all have an inner light and sometimes this world,” said Smith. “People can say stuff to you and tell you you can’t do and you know you can but when they tell you that it kinda knocks you down a bit right so I wanted to make a record that reminded each and every one of y’all to let your light shine.”

Watch the very awkward performance of their new EDM song below.

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