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Los Angeles producer Shallou continues his steady stream of releases with a lighthearted rendition of Petit Biscuit and Lido‘s “Problems.”
Just days after releasing the final single from his forthcoming EP, Shallou’s take on “Problems” hit the airwaves. In his remix, the producer toys with the vocals for a more playful take on the original. He maintains the initial melody, incorporating bouncing,..

Dance music fans are no strangers to artists opting for anonymity, be it in the form of a helmet or mask, or even refraining from live performance over facing public fame. It has proven to be an effective strategy, from Daft Punk to Zhu — whether its a marketing ploy or an element of the creator’s artistic method, keeping one’s identity in the backseat has become an enticing angle for electronic m..

At this point, Hardwell is virtually a household name. With millions of fans and no shortage of global airtime, the producer has leveraged his niche in this industry into a full fledged cult of personality. From his flagship charity concert to his United Nations initiatives to his perfume line (seriously), the producer does it all.
The superstar also, of course, finds time to make music.
At the ..

LO’99 is one of Australia’s hottest exports in 2018 and is poised to ride a wave of momentum to new heights as the year progresses. With a number of notable festival appearances slated for the season, the producer’s bass-heavy take on house is finding fans the world over.
Now, his original track, “Bizness,” has received a clever remix from Malive and Lowdown. The duo stay in the comfortable realm..

Carl Craig‘s critically acclaimed orchestral LP, Versus, now has its very own remix treatment. The new EP features a slew of remixes from talented composers like Francesco Tristano, as well as a selection of tracks from the likes of Tom Trago, Antigone, Benedikt Frey, and Henrik Schwarz.
Though the EP doesn’t drop in full until the end of April, Henrik Schwarz’s engrossing and uplifting remix of ..

It seems like so many of the best drum & bass artists are duos, and a pair of producers from the UK, RoyGreen & Protone, are gaining serious steam. They’ll be releasing two new tracks on April 20, to be featured on Intrigue Music’s 15th Anniversary compilation album. Intrigue are a stalwart of the underground scene out of Bristol, and this album marks a milestone in their history, which began way ..

Justin Beiber had himself quite a weekend at Coachella.
Though he’s still yet to appear on the poster himself, the Canadian superstar has made his fair share of appearances. This weekend seems to top all the rest, however.
For one thing, he met Mason Ramsey, the Walmart yodeling kid who made his much-hyped debut thanks to Whethan on Friday afternoon. Bieber was in the crowd cheering him on and t..

Louis the Child have followed the release of their new single, “Better Not” with a brand new and unreleased remix of Khalid’s Normani feature, “Love Lies.” The DJ duo debuted their future bass tinged take on the track during their Saturday evening Coachella set.

Louis the Child did not divulge any information regarding a drop off date for the remix, but as Dancing Astronaut‘s live video from the set very clearly suggests, the Louis the Child revamp is destined to become a summer staple pending its official release.

Known for his cutting-edge visual spectacles, Eric Prydz recently uploaded another glimpse into his new live show HOLO to his social media accounts. The progressive house auteur previously announced the new show concept in January, which will pioneer the use of holographic technology in the live music experience.

Building off Prydz’s visually stunning EPIC 5.0 display, the short clip shows a massive DNA helix in rotation as it seamlessly floats above the ground — altogether messing with our conception of 3-dimensional spaces. Still, there are big plans on the horizon for an EPIC 6.0 reboot set to premiere sometime next year.

Prydz plans to bring his live HOLO set-up to three UK stops this summer: June 2nd at Braehead Arena (Glasgow), June 30th at the Belsonic Festival (Belfast), and August 30th at the Creamfields Festival (Daresbury).

HOLO – testing a classic!

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Few acoustic versions of electronic tracks retain quite the same energy and pizzaz as the original. Surprisingly, Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s acoustic cover of their hit track “FRIENDS” is quite close to the original, and it is certainly an impressive acoustic take. This is likely thanks to Anne-Marie’s polarizing vocals being the center piece of the song, but that won’t stop anyone from giving Marshmello the credit he deserves for playing the guitar chords perfectly with his peripheral vision undoubtedly thwarted by his Marshmallow-themed helmet.

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