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Ekali played to a packed Sahara tent in the middle of the afternoon

As if closing out the Do LaB tent wasn’t enough of an achievement, Ekali’s Sahara tent set was a testament to his massive growth and range as a producer. With over 20,000 in attendance, it’s for certain that Ekali’s destined for a monumental year, and to that, a congratulations is in order.

Was expecting maybe a couple thousand people at Coachella today.. we had over twenty thousand. Not going to get over this for awhile

— EKALI (@EkaliMusic) April 15, 2018

When you bring @denzelcurryph to your @coachella set and he incites a riot

A post shared by Ekali (@ekalimusic) on Apr 14, 2018 at 9:00pm PDT

Party Favor delivers a star-studded set

Party Favor‘s set was filled with surprises. Dropping off a fervent performance with surprises from Tyga, Jamie Foxx, and Rich The Kid, Party Favor saw that things got a even hotter out on the polo fields.

Took some names today #Coachella I will never forget that. THANK U TO @ki..

DJ Koze is one of dance music’s most intriguing enigmas. Having moved from Hamburg to embrace simpler island living on the island of who knows where, his music today is a far cry from his strange, experimental techno of the early 2000s. In less than one month he’ll be releasing his new album Knock Knock and in the spirit of the release, the German maestro’s shared an infectious disco-tinged EP.

As the guaranteed “Pick Up” oscillates between in its six-and-a-half minute groove, and the extended 10-minute version too, house-diva disco murmurs of Gladys Knight and Koze’s poised production pairing make it all the more clear that Knock Knock will be both a smooth and sound follow-up to 2013’s beloved Amygdala.

Photo Credit: Gepa Hinrichsen

Eleven-year-old Mason Ramsey, aka the “yodeling boy,” skyrocketed to social media fame last week with a video of him yodeling in his local Walmart, which went viral overnight. On Thursday, rumors followed that Ramsey would make an surprise guest appearance during any number of artists’ sets at Coachella Music Valley Music & Arts Festival. Rumors, as it goes for bigger events, are almost always true.

During day one of the California mega-festival, the yodel kid joined electronic dance producer Whethan onstage to perform his rendition of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues,” garnering one of the biggest crowd reactions of the festival. Whatever the case, it’s become apparent the young yodeling star has quite the successfully awkward career ahead of him.

yo @whethanmusic just brought out the yodel kid at coachella!! pic.twitter.com/BIBqv3UEFo

— paul.psd (@pauldonatelli) April 13, 2018

Even Justin Bieber was capture grooving to Ramsey’s performance, which was tweeted out by a number of atte..

A wave of sadness passed among Beyoncé fans in 2017 when the decision was made to cancel her Coachella headlining performance out of pregnancy help concerns.

She more than made up for time on Saturday night, April 14, when she finally took over the mega-festival’s main stage for what will go down as one of the most iconic performances in its history. It opened with an extravagant college-themed arrangement of dancers, musicians, and bright costumes that gave way to a powerful entrance by the “Queen” herself. All the while, she kept her audience engaged as she paid homage to various factors that comprise her musical roots with hardly a crack in her voice.

Coachella is known for its artists bringing out a variety of all-star cameos, and Beyoncé was no different. Viewers were blown away at the reunion of Destiny’s Child, who performed a string of beloved classics. Jay-Z was also brought on stage for a sentimental “Déjà Vu” performance. By the end of her two-hour slot, some pundits even ..

Grammy Award-winning pianist and producer Robert Glasper’s debut album ArtScience was a fine contemporary medley of R&B and funk. Now, two years after its release, the artist’s tapped the Montreal beat-maestro Kaytranada for a mellow reworking.

It should go without saying that Kaytranada adds a stroke of genius to the remixes, but it’s still an awe-inspiring rendition when its eight tracks are listened to in full.

The ArtScience Remixes will be released as a Record Store Day vinyl, exclusively on April 21. However, the smooth new EP, which features guest appearances from Don Cheadle, Talib Kweli, Alex Isley, and Iman Omari is available to listen to in its entirety now.

A Netherlands village’s attempt to discourage distracted driving seems only to have further diverted drivers’ and villagers’ attention from safe driving practices.

Local officials of the coastal province of Friesland sought to “make a cultural event” of the issue of distracted driving by establishing a “singing road.” Road crews painted approximately 490 feet of the newly paved 124-mile length of the popularly traveled road with musical rumble strips that play a segment of the regional anthem, “De Alde Friezen,” when drivers embark on the road at 38 mph. “We don’t speak Dutch; we speak Frisian,” said Sietske Poepjes, the vice governor of the Friesland Province. “So that’s why we gained the title of cultural capital in 2018, and we wanted to highlight that.”

And sonically highlight the province did. Although well intentioned, the installation of the musical road, an initiative that came at the price of 80,000 euros ($90,000 USD), has led the villagers to complain of the road as “psych..

Justin Jay and Thumapasaurus have just dropped off an addictive new summertime soundtrack. Preluding their forthcoming collaborative EP, Justin Jay and the five-piece funk band dial into some major sunshine on “Wayne’s World,” simultaneously alluding to an absolutely infectious EP on the way.

With love and groove at center stage, Thumpasaurus’ vocals take listeners on a journey back in time, to the days where the Isley Brothers reigned supreme. Though these grooving deliverances are something fans have come to love and expect from Justin Jay, “Wayne’s World’s” collaborative nature ensures that as he marches on his music will only continue to surprise.

With subtle hints of spring in the air and the sounds of music lovers driving through the streets in their brightest of colors, the NOS events center in San Bernadino, California once again transformed itself into one of the largest, transcendent dance music events in the country, Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland festival! Bennett Sell-Kline | Jake […]

2017 has come to an end, and after a crazy year of huge festivals, artist shows and announcements, the time had come to celebrate one last time, in a fashion that only Insomniac Events knows how to do! Countdown NYE 2017 was a phenomenal finale to an incredible year of events, showcasing the best that […]

October 26, 2017 was a night many in the San Jose area will not soon forget, as world class DJ Alan Walker made his way to the City National Civic building and delivered a high energy, sing-along frenzy of a set. The line for the event was down the block before the event even began, […]

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