Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, jointly known as the renowned producer/deejay duo Blasterjaxx, are anything but the same. While one is often prominent and vocal, the other prefers to take a background role – despite the fairly high contrast in characters, the two are bound and united by their passion for and love of music.

In mid 2010, Thom Jongkind – then operating under the name of Scalix – established the DJ duo named Blasterjaxx – formed by him and a production partner. With this first incarnation of Blasterjaxx, their profile grew rapidly in the production field but with Thom as the one driving the vision and being constantly in charge, the balance between the two was out of whack and the lack personal chemistry started to dissolve the duo. Soon after the duos inception, the two members mutually agreed to go their separate ways with Thom continuing under the Blasterjaxx moniker.

Thom, still convinced of the benefit of having a partner to work with him under the Blasterjaxx name, soon came across Idir Makhlaf. Idir had been steadily crafting his skills under the name of Macosta and after testing the waters with some fun collaborations it became apparent that these two would be the perfect fit. Together, Thom and Idir committed exclusively to the newly incarnated Blasterjaxx, a decision that s proven to be a successful breeding ground for one of the fastest growing duo s in the dance sphere.

Their signature, cross-over sound of progressive/big room electro-house has proven to contain the recipe for success. Their first step in international recognition came in the shape of Laidback Luke who eagerly signed the Reborn EP and Where We Go to Mixmash Records. From there it was a quick succession of collaborations, remixes and releases with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Hardwell, David Guetta and Tiesto that further continued the duo’s meteoric rise as well as subsequent multiple number one Beatport hits with tracks such as Fifteen, Mystica and Save My Night (Blasterjaxx Remix), Rockit, Legends come to life, You Found Me.

Their breakthrough track Faith served to expand their musical footprint and expose the duo up to their first substantial radio support. Following it’s election as “Dance Smash” on Dutch leading radio station 538, Faith charted in multiple territories and achieved Gold Status in Denmark, Double Platinum status in Sweden, and even hit number one on the official South-African pop charts. This type of cross-over success is the prime example of where the Blasterjaxx will be heading for times to come – making impact on the mainstream while still staying true to their club roots.

2014 was a truly impressive year to look back on – not only did Blasterjaxx establish itself as a chart topping, record selling, social media mammoth to be reckoned with, but they also set dance floors around the world ablaze with their energetic performances (which prompted a special tossing object clause in their insurance policy!). Their success was solidified with their astonishing ascent in the DJ Mag Top 100 chart in 2014 up to the #13 position.

Blasterjaxx also premiered their first ever Maxximize event, lending it’s namesake from their Maxximize On Air radioshow which has already established itself as an online hit and is now set to expand to FM radioaround the globe.

One thing is for sure, while staying grounded and grateful to their loyal fans, the only way for Blasterjaxx to go is up!

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