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SAYMYNAME hails from the greater Los Angeles area. He grew up in a musical family influenced by many genres of music including hip-hop as his father DJ’d for a hobby. He went on to graduate from Chapman University with a degree in PR and Advertising. SAYMYNAME boasts the ever so coveted Insomniac Event’s DISCOVERY PROJECT […]

Grammy Nominated Producer, Audien, began producing music as a teenager and gradually took his innovative progressive trance sound to the top of the electronic music world. Audien has gone on to chart numerous times on the Billboard charts, sell out some of the world’s most prestigious venues, and headline major festivals. Audien started creating dance […]

Lady Faith began her journey in Tehran, Iran. She grew up in a traditional household, but quickly developed a rebellious spirit, which resulted in all too frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police. After an almost disastrous ending to a high-speed chase, for the crime of attending a party, it became obvious that Faith was […]

Jay Robinson is your favourite DJs favourite producer. With support for his music arriving from all corners of the electronic music world Jay’s unique brand of bass heavy house has seen him play shows in seminal venues such as the Warehouse Project in Manchester, Printworks in London and the critically acclaimed Le Nuits Sonores in […]

The incognito artist known as 13 started making a name for himself in the music scene after the release of his debut single “Eradicate”. Since then he has spent countless hours in the studio working with analog synthesizers to create a recognizable sound of his very own, garnering support from Deadmau5’ label Mau5trap and the […]

Consisting of two longtime friends who share a passion for house music, Oomloud was a project waiting to happen. After successfully working on their individual careers, these guys decided to work together and quickly realized that there was that famous click. Learning from each other, adding techniques and combining styles to create a flow that […]

LZRD (liz-ard) is an electronic music duo consisting of Keenan haan and Thomas Shull. Native to Washington DC, the young duo has amassed hundreds of millions of streams online. In their short time together, LZRD has played festivals like Lollapalooza and supported some of the biggest artists in electronic music at sold out shows across […]

Flux Pavilion’s polymath-like ability to involve himself in all aspects of music cannot be understated. Known as Joshua Steele to friends and family, Flux is a singer-songwriter, record producer and label owner who plays the drums, guitar, saxophone and piano. His achievements range from releasing his first vinyl at 19 years old to selling out […]

Any true fan of electronic music should instantly recognize Doctor P as one of the original godfathers of modern bass-driven music. A true music lover at heart, Doctor P, aka Shaun Brockhurst, has had an intense love of music since he was just a teenager jamming with his friends on drums and guitar. Doctor P […]

Jude & Frank is an italian house duo composed by Jude (PERFORMER and PRODUCER) and Frank (PRODUCER), active in the international house music scene. Their music is strongly influenced by latin vibes, disco and funky house sounds and all that’s “groovin”. In 2016 they released several tunes on top labels in the house spectrum such […]

Distance was never a hindrance for Cabuizee (from San Fran) and Nikki X (from Chicago) AKA “Romen Jewels”. Their achievements in such a short period of time has proven that music can bring everyone and anyone together no matter the location. Though only a group for less than 6 months, Romen Jewels have attained hundreds […]

Few acts have the innovative color and diverse repertoire of Party Favor, one of the fastest rising names in Dance Music. His edgy style helped pioneer the festival trap & twerk genre, exhilarating audiences and turning heads across the globe. Party Favor, AKA Dylan Ragland, has created chart topping original records such as “Bap U” […]

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