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Zomboy came crashing head first into 2016 with the game changing single ‘Like A B*tch’. Taken from his hotly anticipated Neon Grave EP, the track became the go-to set opener for the likes of Skrillex, DJ Snake and almost every bass DJ at Ultra 2016. While the EP Crushed the charts, the ‘Neon Grave’ tour […]

Formed by brothers Lugui and Pedrão, Cat Dealers are among the top three most influential DJs/Producers emerging from the Brazilian music scene rapidly breaking into the national electronic sphere. Voted number 74 in the ‘DJ Mag Top 100’ list of 2017, the duo have already amassed more than 140 million YouTube channel plays as well […]

Nicky Romero has progressed from being a young, musical wunderkind to become one of the most influential artists of his time. As a DJ, producer and mogul whose label is at the forefront of modern electronic dance music, it goes without saying that Nicky is a force to be reckoned with. From the iconic hits […]

To new kid on the block, the rising talent of Aerreo, nothing lures like the deep nights and hot adventures of clubbing. A call he cannot resist, and to which he so passionately adapted his life. Moving from his majestic homeland of India to the European Mecca of dance, the city of London, to pursuit […]

Richard Garcia is Ravell, a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer with an infectious, enrapturing take on uplifting melodic house. Encouraged by his father to start DJing alongside him at age 12, his passion for music began early on. He quickly graduated from spinning house parties to commanding the decks of main stages, beloved venues and […]

Throughout the past two decades, the musical landscape has continually merged, morphed, and matrixed, fractured in countless directions while intersecting at the most unexpected points. Electronic music underwent a renaissance in the aughts, rising out of the warehouses and blank spaces and overtaking the biggest festival fields in the world. THE CRYSTAL METHOD followed a […]

Plucked from obscurity at the tender age of 14, Sophie began charting her path from a school challenge, of all things. Asked to master a skill over nine months, Sophie decided that she’d put her musical acumen to task. She went to class to learn to DJ and, as she learned the technical side, she […]

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, ManyFew are a talented DJ/Producer duo consisting of the two brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson. With influences from old school disco records and funk to pop and electronic music, ManyFew have found their own unique style in the musical spectrum. ”We love producing tracks that make you wanna dance, that’s what […]

“MaWayy stands for bringing energy, peace and great music that lights up the dance floor.” MaWayy came to life in 2015, when two producers from opposite sides of the world were bonded by the same musical vision. Brian Wayy & Masoud Fuladi, who still have yet to meet in person, formed a masterful collaboration through […]

Charly Corbin, French DJ & Producer and known as the artist name Comah, is the pioneer of Minimal Progressive. His career started in January 2014. With his new style impulsive and energetic, he has already been able to play in a multitude of countries on several continents, chaining the clubs and the biggest festivals of […]

One of the world’s most innovative and sought-after artists, Grammy Award-winning producer, songwriter, DJ Afrojack, continues to shatter boundaries that push music into bold new directions. Since making his breakthrough with the multi-platinum-selling single ‘Take Over Control’, the Dutch-born genre-bending musician has lent his production skills to tracks including David Guetta’s number one smash ‘Titanium […]

Forged in the fires of Arizona’s seminal, famed 90s rave scene, Markus Schulz went state, then national and international with equal pace. From the building blocks of progressive, trance & house, he crafted early anthems like ‘The New World’ and latter-day ones like ‘Destiny’. Caught between have been many a revered album (most recently Dakota’s […]

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