Chernobyling Music Festival to return to nuclear fallout zone for second year of production

Written by on June 14, 2018

Chernobyling Music Festival is anything but typical in the landscape of modern day music festivals.

Headed by Dominik Orfanus, the founder of, a website that orchestrates guided tours of the Chernobyl, Chernobyling Music Festival couples tourists’ curiosity about the site of the 1986 nuclear catastrophe with live musical performances, culminating in the event slated to return to Chernobyl for its second year of production from August 31–September 2.

“Tourists wanted to know about the life of a worker in Chernobyl, and workers about what is interesting for tourists in an over-30-year abandoned area,” Orfanus said of the premise behind Chernobyling. “A festival seemed to be the ebst way to make this happen, and help the zone at the same time.”

Proceeds from Chernobyling Music Festival benefit the residents of Slavutych, a town that houses nuclear power plant workers and their families. Funds generated by the festival additionally assist the “Chernobyl babushkas.”

Chernobyling Music Festival will bring more than 15 rock, metal, and electronic artists to Chernobyl this year, among street art demonstrations, fireshows, and geocaching challenges. Those interested in attending the eccentric event can purchase tickets to Chernobyling, here.

Photo Credit: Live from the Chernobyling Music Festival, via Lonely Planet

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