Prototyped as far back as 2006, Ishkur has finally released his magnum opus.
Grizzled readers and veterans of the rave scene may remember Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. Originally created in the year 2000, Ishkur's Guide 1.0 was an interactive, tongue-in-cheek family tree for the early families of electronic music: house, trance, techno, breakbeat, jungle, hardcore, and downtempo.
Quickly expanding on his project, Ishkur published guides 2.0 and 2.5 in 2003, but were abandoned in 2005. Plans for Guide 3.0 were drafted in 2006, but with little progress to show, most did not believe it would ever see the light of day. However, in 2015, Ishkur revealed a prototype map of his newest guide and on the eve of 2018, promised the imminent release of Guide 3.0.
Taking the entirety of 2018 and beyond to complete the project, Ishkur's Twitter began a countdown on July 15, 2019, to what could only be assumed to be Guide 3.0. Much like his erratic schedule of yore, the countdown..

Dallas' Lights All Night has set a high bar for New Year's weekend, 2019.
Lights All Night has dropped a show-stopping phase one lineup featuring Skrillex, Bassnectar and more. The tenured Dallas-based music festival is garnering praise following what's been a particularly well received lineup drop.
Lights All Night is fittingly celebrating ten years of action this December. The festival has typically taken place the final weekend of December – either on New Year's weekend or immediately prior. The mid-size festival has boasted attendance of around 30,000 in recent memory. While it's not the biggest operation in scale, Lights All Night has had a reputation for superb curation and creating a memorable, “boutique” experience. Ten years later, they're still proving these perceptions to be true.
Featuring a palette of trap and bass music artists, Lights All Night's undercard is powered by Kayzo, Slushii, Said the Sky, and many more. The festival is captu..

The mega-collaboration was quick to receive its own music video.
Skrillex and Troyboi's stacked collaboration “Malokera” has received its own music video. The track, which was released just shy of two weeks ago, also features Brazillian artists MC Lan, Ludmilla, and Ty Dolla $ign.
The funk-dance collaboration followed shortly after Skrillex and Troyboi's trapped out single “WARLORDZ”, released in June. Between then and now, collaborator MC Lan has been showing what “Malokera” can do to jumpstart a crowd during his performances. The song's music video seeks to further immortalize the track's dance-driven energy in a colorful way.
Skrillex has not fallen short on his promise of releasing new music. The Los Angeles-based producer has feverishly been dropping new songs, and all indicators show more is on the way.
What's on the horizon is likely to include more collaborations between the superstar producer and MC Lan. According to Lan, he and Skrillex have three c..

An interaction with a fan is causing many to speculate a Swedish House Mafia tour is in the works.
Axwell is stoking the fires for a Swedish House Mafia stadium tour. The trio's 2018 Ultra Music Festival performance in Miami remains the group's only U.S. show since their return – and fans have been eager for more.
Following a Swedish House Mafia appearance at Frequency Festival in Austria, Axwell took to Instagram to thank the fans who attended their set. As is typically the case, the post elicited responses from fans eager for more show announcements. At the time of writing, they've only got two forthcoming performances still to come.
However, this time, Axwell responded to a fan who requested a “stadium tour” from the trio. Axwell in turn responded “yes!” to the comment. The interaction is by no means a confirmation, but it's in the very least an interesting response.
Perhaps, if anything, it's a sign of intent. The trio has new music on the way. They'v..

deadmau5 gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at Cube V3 with the popular YouTuber Sam Sheffer.
The wait is almost over. deadmau5‘s highly anticipated cube V3tour is set to debut later this month and will also be appearing at Creamfields, in Daresbury, Cheshire in the U.K. In preparation for the upcoming tour, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) has been teasing the insane production that is to come. This time, he took fans on a behind the scenes tour with YouTuber Sam Sheffer.
Zimmerman sat down with Sheffer and explained the ins and out of the Cube V3. The first notable point was that he really doesn't feel this should be called version three, being that the cube itself has seen more than three iterations. The amount of engineering and innovation that went into designing this monster of a stage is second to none. The rotating and tilting fixture will feature loads of new visuals through a special touch designer program. If you are a tech nerd, this video will be right up your all..

UTOPIA proved to be a massive success for the community.
An artist who is delivering some major positivity in the community this year is Kygo (real name Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll). In June for Pride Month, the famed producer returned to NYC to perform at UTOPIA. He performed alongside Kiiara, Cirque du Soleil, JHART, Danny Verde, and more. The event brought in over $110,000 in donations for the LGBTQ community and supported a number of charities and organizations.
The highlight of UTOPIA came in the form of Dahll debuting his posthumous Whitney Houston remix “Higher Love”. This performance was special in that the musical legend performed the original single during NYC Pride twenty years earlier at the same event. In regards to the performance, Dahll said: “It was an honor to be a part of it. Love is love.”
Dahll has been having a busy year. He's coming off the success of his collaboration with Rita Ora for the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu soundtrack, “Carry On”. He also recently debuted ..

The new production is set to debut at Creamfields this Friday.
EDM titan Eric Prydz has been blowing minds with his intense and visually engaging stage productions for years now. With Holosphere, Prydz wowed audiences at Tomorrowland in Belgium. Now, he's onto the next big thing: V O I D.
View the original article to see embedded media.V O I D stands for “visual offset isometric design”. What that entails is anyone's guess, but according to Prydz' Facebook post:
“V O I D is a unique lighting installation specifically designed for the Steel Yard to reflect the industrial, underground feel of this iconic structure. See you Friday…”
It appears that Creamfields will be the first, and possibly only V O I D experience. Based on that Facebook caption, it seems that V O I D was designed for the Steel Yard only. Fans who are eager to see the new production can still get tickets to Creamfields via the festival's website.
Whether or not you're attending Creamfields, it ..

The band announced new material via Facebook.
It's only been five months since the tragic passing of The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, but the band has announced that they're working on new material. “Back in the studio making noise .. brand new Prodigy tunes are gonna roll,” the post reads, with a picture of songwriter Liam Howlett hard at work on a synthesizer.
View the original article to see embedded media.The post also features the hashtag #weliveforever, in reference to not only the song off of 2018's No Tourists album but presumably to the spirit of Flint and The Prodigy as a whole.
Though fans and family are still mourning the tremendous loss of Keith Flint, the reactions to news of upcoming material from The Prodigy have been massively supportive. Longtime fans are eager to hear new music from the legendary electronic group, and some see it as a way to carry on Flint's legacy.
There hasn't been any mention of when the new material will be released, bu..

The renovated music venue is set to reinstall their famous Saturday night parties.
April 2019 saw the re-opening of one of the most famous music venues in the USA, Webster Hall. The concert hall closed in August of 2017 but after the acquisition of the venue by AEG Presents and Barclays Center corporate parent, Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, it underwent some renovations and came back stronger than ever. One thing was missing however, the fan-favorite club nights.
The historic venue hosted its last club night with the legend himself, Skrillex, closing it out back in 2017. Since the reopening, it has seen acts like Jay-Z, TroyBoi, Chromeo, MGMT, and more. Fans of the famous club nights were yearning for the return of the more nightclub, late-night dance-focused shows. They took to Twitter to express this concern and the venue listened. Webster officially made the announcement of the return of Saturday nights by sharing the mass tweets in a short video.
Webster Hall has been linked..

The school eight years in the making is officially open.
We love to hear the story of an artist giving back to the community. One artist who has used his status and success for good is Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore). The producer teamed up with the organization Bridges for Music to open a new production school in Langa, Cape Town in South Africa. After years of work, the school is officially open.
In 2012, Moore and his imprint OWSLA partnered with the not-for-profit charity in an effort to bridge the gap between electronic music and children in disadvantaged areas. Since then, he and his team have hosted events and contests to raise the money. The fruits of his, and all those involved, labor has now come to fruition.
Bridges for Music is an English, not-for-profit charity that emphasizes electronic music as a means of breaking down international boundaries. Artists involved in the humanitarian effort include Richie Hawtin, Luciano, and Black Coffee.
To donate or get involved with..

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