Dillon Francis Gets Revenge on DJ Snake For His Ultra 2015 Prank

Written by on June 20, 2018

Odds are whether you were at Ultra 2015 or not, you caught wind of DJ Snake releasing Dillon Franic’s phone number on the mega screens at Ultra’s Mainstage. It was easily one of the raddest pranks in the history of EDM as Dillon took to socials to show the ridiculous amount of texts that flooded through to his phone. As more an more time went by, confusion continued to sink in as no revenge was taken.

Dillon Francis Buys DJSNAKE.com

Here is his explanation to how everything went down.

Yesterday, DJSNAKE.com showed a countdown which appeared to be the countdown to the release of one of his tracks. EDM Blogs went crazy as one of the industries most known names had updated his website to a countdown which could have meant literally anything. When we checked back today, there was a bit of a different reaction. As the countdown expired, Dillon released a new track on the site and left a special message for all those checking in.

Well lather me up and call me Sally Jude, this is outstanding. Over three years after the original prank, Dillon done got em’. When we all nearly forgot about “Cell Phone Gate”, Dillon came back with a website domain purchase that he will now own for as long as he would like. He released his new track on the platform and one will assume he will continue to use it as a promotion platform (which he has grown a master of self-promotion).

At least we know DJ Snake is taking it like a champ.

The song titled “Look at that Butt” featuring Jarina De Marco delves right back into the reggeaton heritage which Dillon has been experimenting so much with. Peep the track below and check out dat butttt!

Photo Cred: RUKES

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