Dombresky is returning to Insomniac Records to release ‘Trust the Process’

Published on November 18, 2019

The French powerhouse promotes positive self-image and perseverance with an infectious, feel-good anthem on Insomniac Records.

In an age where over-obsessed Instagram culture and crippling anxiety are slowly eating away at society, it seems as though the community at large has never needed more of a pick-me-up than it does now. With his next single, Dombresky swoops in as a pure beacon of light by gifting the world with an empowering house number that places good vibes above all else.

“Life is about the journey and not the destination,” says Dombresky. “Be positive and ‘Trust the Process!’”

It’s this life-affirming message that resonates throughout the entire run of “Trust the Process,” a motivational anthem that couples an upbeat groove with an unfalteringly sense of optimism. Circular piano phrases nestles the listener tightly in its warm embrace, while shuffling percussion and a confidence-boosting hook drives the song’s mantra home. “Trust the Process” is about as feel-good as it’s ever going to get. Trust.

Since first popping up on the Insomniac Music Group radar with his oscillating debut “Technikal” on IN / ROTATION, the French powerhouse has quickly become a certifiable stable of the Insomnaic Records catalog. His insanely smooth melodic sensibilities have found the perfect home on previous singles like “Simple Hit” and Futurmastic”—and now he’s firing on all cylinders with “Trust the Process,” which will hopefully silence those pesky doubts bouncing around our collective heads on the daily.

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