Published on September 27, 2019

Multi-platinum and award-winning music artist VASSY teams up with pop producer Dan Muckala (Backstreet Boys, Selena Gomez, Echosmith, Tiësto) for her latest dance-pop hit ‘Trouble’ out now on Spinnin’ Records. The single is a mischievous new anthem that brings out your inner bad girl and demands you to get on the dance floor.

We all know that feeling, when we’re up to no good and the stakes are high, but no one can kill our vibe – well that’s the feeling VASSY portrays on her newest track. In the song, VASSY sings about meeting a guy then getting to know him and sees “the monsters [he] keeps inside” but even though he’s bad for her, she’s looking forward to the trouble he’ll bring her. Trouble is all about taking risks giving it all you got, your best shot!!  In essence, the song represents a positive way of looking at life with a free spirited attitude by not playing it safe, taking chances and not afraid of rejections…hence getting into some trouble.

The track instantly grabs your attention opening the song with a quirky beat and VASSY’s vocals play up with the bouncy tempo. After taking you through the narrative…the record finally drops following the lyrics “You bring the devil out of me.” Between the lively melody and catchy chorus, there’s no way you’ll be able to get this song out of your head. The production is upbeat and infectious with lots of texture between the piano progressions, with its lush melodic riffs interlaced with VASSY’s unique sultry sound.  This pop-leaning dance record will have you up and moving as soon as the bass drops.

You know that feeling when you become so fixated on that someone or that something that even if they’re no good for you, you can’t help but yearn for the trouble that they’ll bring? That’s the energy I wanted to convey through the song. When you know it’s bad for you but feels so good so you do whatever it takes to thrive off that feeling of excitement even if it does get you into trouble. I used to be bad but now I’m just trouble lol…it’s simply a state of mind a positive attitude towards life…‘Trouble’ for me is not a weakness it is a feeling of empowerment. – VASSY

VASSY’s unique sound and anthemic lyrics have made her one of the most sought-after vocalists in dance music. She has worked with prominent dance music icons such as David Guetta, Tiësto and Afrojack earning multiple #1 hits like “Bad,” “Secrets,” and “LOST.” She carried momentum with her eighth career chart-topping single “Concrete Heart” earlier this year. Outside of music, VASSY has supported and collaborated with global charitable organizations like Playground of Dreams, Careers Australia, Best Buddies, Aviva Safe House, NoH8, Green IT, among others.

With eight #1 Billboard singles, 17 platinum certifications, two gold certified records, VASSY has positioned herself as one of dance music’s most prominent authentic female artists.

Download/Stream: Listen to Trouble by VASSY

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